Permanent Make Up Dubai

Permanent Make Up Dubai

Permanent Make Up Dubai, also known as Semi Permanent Make Up, is the process of applying coloured pigments into the upper layer of the skin. Permanent Make Up treatments last for an average of 2 – 5 years depending on weather conditions and exposure to the sun. In the Middle East where the the sun is strong and exposure is more, treatments last for around 2 years. We recommend a top up every 12 – 18 months to keep the pigment looking fresh.

Permanent Make Up Dubai reduces the amount of time required for your morning ritual of applying make up and is a must have procedure for people with busy lifestyles who want to look great in the Dubai heat.

Permanent make up Dubai should never be permanent. Unfortunately the term permanent came about by its association with tattoo makeup and therapists performing inferior treatments with cheaper body art tattoo machines and pigments. These “brutal” machines should not be used on the delicate areas off the face. Also these body art machines implant the pigment much deeper causing the blue and green eyebrow horror stories we have all heard about.

A good example of this can be seen on our removals page of our new website HERE.

Candice Watson performs all procedures to the highest standards. For more details on Candice please see HERE.

Exclusive Beauty is the Harley Street specialists based in Dubai and pride ourselves in offering permanent make up treatments to Harley Street standards.

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Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty!

Edited August 2016

Insist on the best, insist on Candice Watson & Exclusive Aesthetic! The Micropigmentation Specialists to the Middle East.

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We have changed our name to Exclusive Aesthetic. Exclusive Aesthetic continues the highest standard of semi permanent makeup treatments with the addition of Medical Micropigmentation and Hair & Scalp Micropigmentation for both men and women. Visit us at our new website for more details.

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We pride ourselves in offering the best Semi Permanent Makeup treatments to Harley Street standards currently in the region so look no further when choosing a semi permanent makeup specialist.

Launching October 1st 2016 Treatments available on Harley Street London and at various salons around the UK. Please email for locations and appointment times.