Dubai: Permanent Make Up, Dubai UAE

Dubai: Permanent Make Up, Dubai UAE

….permanent make up or semi permanent make up, the results are the same if done using the correct machines and pigments…

Permanent make up is not permanent, it is a procedure where non permanent pigments are implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin either as Eyebrow Enhancement, Eyelash Enhancement, Eye Liner, Lip Liner and Full Lip Colour and Blush.  The term permanent is used because it is more permanent than normal makeup, permanent make up lasts for between 2 and 5 years. Also if the area treated is examined under a microscope the microscopic pigment particles are still visible however to the naked eye there is no pigment evident.

In Dubai and the Middle East permanent make up is known as semi permanent make up (“semi” as the colour disappears to the naked eye over time), micropigmentation, cosmetic tattoo and tattoo make up are all terms used for the same procedure.

All permanent make up procedures should last between 2 and 5 years depending on exposure to the sun and UV rays.  Particularly in the Middle East region we would recommend a top up procedure between 12 months and 18 months to revive the intended colour.

….the confusion over name arises from the practice of using inferior permanent pigments usually associated with body tattooing….

The confusion over name arises from the practice of using inferior permanent pigments usually associated with body tattooing, which are cheaper but over time turn blue as their base colour is blue.  These cheaper permanent pigments do not disappear over time and should be avoided at all costs as having blue brows is not the best look.

Also if using cheaper body tattoo pigments it is usually coupled with using inferior body tattoo machines which are well known to cause more trauma to delicate parts of the body and face.  More trauma equals more pain and there are many horror stories out there relating to poorly done permanent make up treatments or results that are either the wrong shape to suit the face, are positioned in completely the wrong place or just turn blue over time due to inferior pigments.

At Exclusive Beauty our main goal is to educate the region that there are companies offering permanent make up treatments to the highest level comparable to the highest quality anywhere else in the world.  We of course pride ourselves in being one of those companies.

The flip side to this is there are also a huge amount of people offering inferior permanent make up treatments who really do make a terrible mess of things with odd shaped eyebrows, blue eyebrows, extremely painful treatments to the point where you swear you will not have permanent make up again.  There should be stronger restrictions and penalties for people offering treatments with little or poor skills, using cheap equipment and inferior pigments.

Did you know that permanent make up treatments are now prohibited to be performed in Spas and Salons in Dubai?  From the 1st September 2011 all treatments should be performed in a medical clinic or medical spa or a hospital so trained medical staff are on hand if required.  Have you had a treatment in a Spa and Salon since September 2011?  If so the service will not be regulated or conform to current health and safety checks as a result.**

At Exclusive Beauty we do not offer treatments using improper pigments or use inferior machines and needles.  We only use the best products and machines available on the market.  Candice Watson of Harley Street London, owner of Exclusive Beauty based in Dubai, performs all treatments to the highest standards available locally.

All our treatments are performed from the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) in Healthcare City, Dubai and conform to all Dubai Municipality and Dubai Health Authority regulations.

Candice is always available for advice should you need it even if you are considering other treatments by others in the region.  Remember we are here to help and we would much rather see you making a well informed decision obtaining the great results you expect than get the horror story treatments we hear about.

We have a steady stream of clients for removals and alterations who have made the mistake of going for a cheaper treatment.

We have a steady stream of clients for removals and alterations who have made the mistake of going for a cheaper treatment.  It really is a false economy to come to us for removals and for us to re-apply permanent make up treatments.  This process costs a lot more than coming to us in the first place.

It is our aim to educate the region that high end semi permanent make up treatments are available locally with excellent results however like any other treatment or service you get exactly what you pay for and risk problems or infections or costly removals when looking for a cheap deal.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of permanent make up treatments then please call 04 349 2800 and leave your contact details and a short message and Candice will call you back once she has finished her appointments for that day.

For appointments please call Whimper at the London Centre of Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) on 04 375 2393.

For all other enquiries please email

Insist on the best, insist on Exclusive Beauty!

** Correct at the time of publishing. Edited 12 October 2014 – semi permanent make up treatments are now legal in Dubai and the UAE if the practitioner has undertaken the necessary examination.