Dubai: Permanent Make Up Dubai UAE

Dubai: Permanent Make Up Dubai UAE

Permanent make up Dubai is essential for women living in Dubai and the Middle East. Permanent make up Dubai allows less time applying make up in the mornings and permanent make up does not run or smudge.  Permanent make up is not entirely the correct name for the procedures. Semi Permanent make up is the correct name as pigments should be implanted at a shallow depth allowing the pigment to be expelled over a period of time. When permanent make up Dubai is performed correctly the results can be subtle and natural through to bold and vivacious. Whatever the look you desire, permanent make up Dubai enhances your appearance the same as normal make up but without the hassle of reapplying.

Permanent make up is the art of implanting pigments into the upper layer of the skin in the popular areas where make up is applied – the eyes and lips.

Permanent make up Dubai can be applied as a subtle wash of colour or as as bold as you dare! We always recommend less is more as permanent make up Dubai can last for between 2 and 5 years. Based on this we advise it is better to have a more natural, defined look. Normal make up can then be added over permanent make up for those special occasions and nights out.

Exclusive Beauty offers the full range of permanent make up procedures including eyebrow enhancement, eyelash enhancement, eyeliner top and bottom, lip line, lip colour and lip blush.  We also offer beauty spot applications.

We redefine the eyebrow line to give a symmetrical look

Our most popular treatment is permanent eyebrow enhancement. Often eyebrow definition weakens with age or clients are just not happy with the shape. We redefine the eyebrow line to give a symmetrical look that is maintenance free for years to come.

Permanent eyeliner is also very popular and gives an extra sparkle to the look of the eyes. We offer eyeliner to the top or bottom lid or you can have both! We also are able to draw a black line just outside the lash line and then follow this by a line of colour. This technique is very popular for women wanting to emphasise the colours of their eyes or who have a favourite colour.

Eyelash enhancement is a very subtle procedure, almost like an introduction to permanent make up

Eyelash enhancement is a very subtle procedure, almost like an introduction to permanent make up so is ideal for women who are not quite sure about a treatment but would like to see if permanent make up is for them. Pigment is implanted in-between the lash line. This fills in the spaces and gives a very thin line that is almost invisible but defines the lash line in a subtle way.  This treatment is popular with men in the UK who want a defined lash line but do not want to look like they wear make up.

Permanent lip line and lip colour allows for corrections to the lip line and appear to make the lips fuller. Again we recommend more subtle tones which are great for everyday work and leisure activities without giving too much of a “glam” look. Of course we do have clients that prefer bold colours to emphasise their lip line and to give a fuller look, all colours are possible for all of our permanent make up procedures as we mix each colour to our client’s requirements using a range of stock colour pigments.

Permanent Cosmetics performed by Candice Watson of Exclusive Beauty, the Harley Street Specialists based in Dubai UAE. All treatments are performed at the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery, Healthcare City, Dubai UAE and are to the highest health and safety standards and meet all Municipality and Ministry of Health guidelines.

Edited August 2016

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